Software Developer

University of Saskatchewan, School of Public Health, Saskatoon, SK. 2021-Present.

BCS Program Teaching Assistant

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. 2019-2020.
  • Received the undergraduate teaching assistant award, given to TAs who receive outstanding feedback.
  • Developed and delivered review lectures on discrete math, OOP, data structures and algorithms, low-level and asynchronous programming; recorded lectures for future use.
  • Increased review lectures' attendance 5-fold.
  • Debugged students' code during office hours, provided course selection advice and emotional support to students in difficult situations.

Research Associate and Laboratory Technician

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON. 2010-2011.
  • Developed a MATLAB mathematical model of growth factor delivery to stem cells based on 3D reaction-diffusion equations. Optimal solutions formed a significant contribution to a research fellow's Ph.D. thesis at the University of Waterloo.
  • Designed and fabricated innovative electro-mechanical systems that made long-term cell tracking experiments possible.
  • Cultured mammalian cancer and stem cells, managed laboratory's electrical equipment and supplies.


  • Contributed to the development of electro-magnetic design and mathematical model of a novel particle accelerating structure for RadiaBeam Technologies. Work is accepted for publication in the Laser Physics Letters journal (2020-2021).
  • Provided consulting services in CAD mechanical design and 3D modelling of quadrupole beam focusing magnets to the same company (2016).
  • Tutored mathematics and chemical engineering to over 100 students ranged from elementary school to senior university level. Designed tailored notes and developed new teaching methods to improve student’s understanding of the material (2003-2013).

Cryogenics Engineering Intern

TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC. 2016.

Applied thermodynamics and heat transfer fundamentals to develop a MATLAB model of TRIUMF's 520MeV cyclotron's cryogenic system. Applied the model to calculate heat losses from the cryogenic system and to analyze future improvements to the system.

Internships from 2006-2008

Paint Process Engineering Assistant, Polycon Industries Inc., Guelph, ON. 2008. Analyzed and improved paint transfer efficiency in the automotive fascia painting process. Significantly contributed to a detailed experimental and statistical study of the automotive fascia molding process with the goal of improving paint adhesion. Participated in the preparation of the plant for new product launches.

Validation and Engineering Assistant, WellSpring Pharma Services Inc., Oakville, ON. 2008. Validated processing, packaging, and HVAC equipment as per GMP guidelines: designed and executed validation protocols from start to finish. Created operational and preventative maintenance procedures (SOPs) for processing and packaging equipment. Resolved a long-term electrical balance operational problem for the manufacturing department.

Analytical Chemist, Apotex, Richmond Hill, ON. 2007. Quality Assurance GMP laboratory. Carried out chemical testing of prescription drugs (e.g. pH testing, thin layer chromatography, color spectroscopy) and of purified water used in manufacturing of those prescription drugs. Calibrated high precision electronic balances, pH meters. Took part in general laboratory housekeeping.

Engineering Assistant, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Toronto, ON. 2006. Bituminous Section. Statistically analyzed pavement quality data. Participated in the collection of such data on Ontario's 400-series highways. Designed Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and VBA macros to be used for data collection during quality assurance testing. Organized educational activities for visiting high school students.

Laboratory Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON. 2006. Donna Strickland's Ultra-Fast Laser Research Laboratory. Aligned and prepared laser beams for use in the two-color fiber laser amplifier research project. Machined custom copper heat sinks to be used in research.

UBC Math Circle

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. 2014-2015.
  • Created challenging problem sets to help develop advanced mathematical problem-solving skills of outstanding BC high school students.
  • Assisted students in solving the problem sets and delivered mini lectures to introduce new mathematical concepts.
  • Managed the logistical issues of the math circle.

Vice President, Education

University of Waterloo's Student Engineering Society, Waterloo, ON. 2008-2009.
  • Acted as a liaison between administration and student body on all education matters in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Worked directly with the Dean of Engineering to find a suitable resolution to the challenges faced with the implementation of the PDEng (Professional Development for Engineers) program.
  • Initiated the creation of university-wide midterm scheduling guidelines.
  • Launched fundraising activities for the Canadian Cancer Society that raised over $1 000.